Artemiev vs Kobalia

Ο δεκαεπτάχρονος Artemiev είναι μία από τις ελπίδες των Ρώσων να αμφισβητήσουν την κυριαρχία των Νορβηγών (Carlsen) και των Κινέζων (ανάμεσα στους πολλούς Ding Liren, Wei Yi) στο σκάκι τις επόμενες δεκαετίες. Τον βλέπουμε να κερδίζει τον GM Kobalia και να προκρίνεται στα τελικά του Ρωσικού πρωταθλήματος.
A game that I liked (ChessBase 12)
[Event "Russian Higher League"] [Site "Kaliningrad"] [Date "2015.06.30"] [Round "8.2"] [White "Artemiev, Vladislav"] [Black "Kobalia, Mikhail"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "B40"] [WhiteElo "2660"] [BlackElo "2623"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "3br1k1/q2r1bp1/3p1p1p/1RpNp3/2P1P1PP/P2Q4/5PB1/1R4K1 w - - 0 35"] [PlyCount "13"] [EventDate "2015.06.30"] {white is much better: his rooks control the b file, the d5 knight is a better piece than the d8 bishop and he has the pawn break with g5.} 35. Bh3 Be6 $2 ( 35... g5 $142 $1 {this would keep the position closed and make it difficult for white.}) (35... Bxd5 $2 {this is exactly what white wants, take control over the white squares} 36. Qxd5+ Kh8 37. g5 (37. R1b3 $2 g5 $1) 37... Rde7 38. Qxd6) 36. Rb8 {the rook pins the bishop on d8} Kf8 {but now its too late!} ( 36... g5 $4 37. Nxf6+) 37. g5 $1 fxg5 38. Bxe6 Rxe6 39. Qh3 $18 {[%csl Gb1,Gb8, Gd5,Rd7,Rd8,Re6,Rf5,Rf8,Rg6,Gh3,Rh7][%cal Gh3f5,Gf5h7]} Re8 40. hxg5 Kg8 (40... Bxg5 41. Qf5+ Rf7 42. Qh7) 41. Ra8 1-0

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